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For the Real World

For almost two centuries, the Iron Range has been home to tireless, hard working people drawn to its hills and mines. It is home to everyday heroes who pull on their boots before the sun comes up and wash up at the end of long days after the sun has already set. It is a land of harsh winters and warm summers, of physical toil, and perseverance. It is a land of no excuses. A land of getting things done.

Inspired by the commitment and dedication of the men and women who have forged their toughness through thick and thin in the iron mines of the region, Iron Range creates timeless, durable apparel for hard working people.


When we designed our apparel, we designed it with real people in mind. Our durable craftsmanship and materials mean our workwear will hold up to any conditions. It’s reinforced to withstand the physical toil of long days. This is apparel that works as hard as you do, and we’ve built it on a promise of value, because that’s what real working people deserve.

Life is more than photo ops and image. It’s more than a curated lifestyle to show off to strangers on the internet. It’s more than the places you’ve been or what you do. It’s about how you do it. So go out there and keep on pulling those boots up and grinding through the long days. Keep providing. Keep persevering.

Wherever your work
takes you

Whether its the mines of the mighty Iron Range or the family farm, the construction site or the warehouse, you deserve comfortable, rugged apparel that holds up when you need it to.

Scott Kueppers

Sean Dinsmore

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We celebrate the hard work of all the unsung heroes who show up day after day to do the demanding jobs that keep our world going behind the scenes. We’re committed to outfitting your workdays as long as you need us to, with a value promise that means you spend less for workwear that lasts longer.